Hair Braiding in Addison, TX

When your hair needs a refresh, you don’t want to leave the job to just anyone. Let the team at Addison Hair Salon and Braiding take care of your hair with our attention to detail and African hair braiding services. We are dedicated to all of our clients and want to help you achieve your most beautiful style. Choose our salon in Addison, TX, for your next hair day or if you just need a change.


Enjoy Expert Styles


Braids are a classic protective style for natural African hair, and we offer a variety of hair braiding options depending on your wishes for your hair:


  • Box braids are a great, traditional style that can include extensions to give your hair more length and body. You can also choose colorful extensions for added flair.
  • Cornrow tree braids give you a mix of tight cornrows and free-falling tresses and can also be combined with extensions for long, voluminous locks.
  • Cornrows are another standard look, and we can create intricate whorls and patterns for a little something extra.
  • Crochet braids are built on cornrows with loose extensions for a full, natural look.
  • Micro braids are great if you want a style that you can change up every day. These tiny braids replicate the look of unbraided hair but offer an additional level of protection.
  • Micro tree braids are great if you want the protection of micro braids and the loose look of unbraided hair.
  • Single braids are great if you want simple yet chunky braids that pack a little more oomph.
  • Knotless braids incorporate extensions in a seamless way, adding a little at a time, to avoid a bulky knot of hair against the scalp.


Any of our braided styles can also include beads to keep your hair weighted down — a great solution for kids whose hair needs to be trained to fall down instead of up!


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